Accountcentral Changelog

Version 1.2.1 [2018/07/19]

  • Releases

    • It is now available a box linked to User Voice where it is possible to inser new ideas and proposals
    • All the changelog updates are now notified in the UI

Version 1.1.8 [2018/06/29]

  • Releases

    • Improvements in the Data model
    • The regenerated Password is displayed
    • Data Model Activity is now displayed

Version 1.1.7 [2018/06/20]

  • Releases

    • Availability of a new widget in the profile dashboard where it is possible to see all the last failed accesses

Login Version [2018/06/11]

  • Link service mail instert in the footer
  • Capabilities version delate
  • Enhancement ADMIN on Hub
  • Insetrt DPO role for Plan

API Version [2018/06/11]

  • [API] Stronger news import
  • [API] Link service mail instert in the footer
  • [AC] Capabilities version delate
  • [LIB] Capabilities version delate
  • [API] Fix users’ query

Version 1.1.6 [2018/06/05]

  • Minor Releases

    • Data model changed as in prototip
    • The days missing before the password expiry are written in red

Version 1.1.5 [2018/05/23]

  • Minor Releases

    • Admin profile and the Customer Care have the possibility to block or/and unlock a user and see the block reasons, date and the profile who did it (in case the information is available)
    • It is possible to see the profile information about the lockout and the profile unlock

Version 1.1.4 [2018/05/10]

  • Minor Releases

    • Updates in the UI

Version 1.1.3 [2018/04/24]

  • Minor Releases

    • Update of some messages and texts in te user interface
    • The button verify your phone number has been disables in case the phone number is already verified
    • In the product widget in the home Flow and Data button have been activated and link to the respective documentations

Login Version [2018/03/01]

  • Added a specific message for users fit null PIN
  • In case of user lockout, timestamp of when it can be reused is shown

  • Bug Fixes
    • Minor bug fixes

API Version [2018/04/16]

  • Platform users receive an email 21, 14 and 7 days before the password expiry with the instruction of what to do
  • The day when the password expires an email with information f what tpo do is sent
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.2 [2018/04/16]

  • Minor Releases

    • In the modules buttons links to explore docmentation have been added
    • Menu tab has been added under the AC documentation settings
  • Bug Fixes

    • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.0 [2018/04/3]

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Microsoft Edge-related issue
    • Fixed access problem from Internet Explorer
    • Activated Chat Helpdesk
    • Minor bug fixes

Login Version [2018/03/01]

  • Minor Releases

    • Avoids brute-force password - account lockout
    • Captcha has been added to the sign in process
    • Contacthub and Contactflow integration improvements

Login Version [2018/02/21]

  • Minor Releases

    • A new password recovery flow has been created

Version [2018/02/8]

  • Minor Releases

    • Accountcentral User role has been removed
    • Refactoring of the News operation
    • Password update date has been added

Login Version [2018/01/31]

  • Minor Releases

    • Enhanced OAuth code validation

    Version 1.0.1 [2018/01/29]

  • Main New Features

    • Application User list
    • Added the company that created the signed in user
    • User Experience elements have been fixed
    • Links to product logos in the last access section have been added

    • Bug Fixes

    • Roles in the modify users section can now be saved
    • Last module used integrated with latest module access
    • Fixed dashboard widget data format