Contacthub Changelog

Version: v (2018/01/17)

  • In the customer resource section are now available new info about the sources which create and update the resource
  • The properties of customer resource: base, extended, extra have now a limit of 64Kb each
  • The properties of event resource: properties, contextInfo have now a limit of 64Kb each

Version: v (2018/01/08)

  • The audit resource is no longer available (Ref: GET /workspaces/{workspaceId}/audit)

Version: v (2018/01/03)

Main features:

  • Event resource: the constraint with the customer ID has been removed. Now you can display all the events of one or more nodes
  • Various bug fixes

Version: v (2017/12/15)

Main features:

  • Automation trigger: in send email action it is now possible to use the contextInfo properties
  • Various bug fixes

Version: v (2017/12/05)

Main features:

  • Source Contactsend: fix of bug about subscriptions patch
  • Various bug fixes

Version: v 1.21.201 (2017/12/04)

Main features:

  • Source Contactplan: now the properties “vendor”, “weight” and “itemQty” of completedOrder events are synchronized with Contactpan and all product category are synchronized into “product_classification_1”
  • Various bug fixes

Version: v 1.13 (2017/10/05)

  • Now, you can also manage the Customer Base within the UI and, for example, insert, modify or delete profiles and events, directly in the interface.
  • The number of Completed Order event ‘classification’ properties that can be synchronized with Contactplan, has been increased to 15. You can now configure ten text and five data classifications.

Version: v 1.12 (2017/09/20)

  • During synchronization with Contactplan, you can now select up to 10 categories to be updated. This enables you to synchronize 10 additional fields, on top of the basic structure of the Completed Order event. (Note: All the fields are formatted as strings.)

Version: v 1.11 (2017/09/13)

  • Adding events: The response that is received when a new event is added, is no longer an empty field, but is now the unique ID assigned to the event (the insertion is still asynchronous)
  • Event search: When a user applies, for example, an event or a contest filter, it is now possible to search for a list of values
  • The initial dashboard displays the last 30 days of data

Version: v 1.10 (2017/08/10)

  • Automation (tag): the extra properties of event may now be used

Version: v 1.9 (2017/07/17)

  • Introduced capabilty to modify events
  • Contactsend feedbacks are now automatically available in Contacthub
  • The new region property has been added to the customer base properties
  • New weight, itemQuantity, vendor properties have been added to the abandonedCart, completedOrder, addedCompare, removedCompare, addedProduct, removedProduct, addedWishlist, removedWishlist, viewedProduct events
  • New unitOfMeasure property has been added to the completedOrder, abandonedCart, addedProduct, removedProduct events

Version: v 1.8 (2017/05/31)

  • Feedbacks generated by an mail sent as a result of an automation are now available
  • Implemented the retry in Contactsend synchronization to prevent failures in case the destination database is locked

Version: v 1.7 (2017/05/16)

  • Added orderLineId property in completedOrder and abandonedCart events
  • Automation can now be triggered after a predefined delay

Version: v 1.6 (2017/05/02)

  • Automation (webhook, email): the extra properties of event may now be used

Version: v 1.5 (2017/04/19)

  • New sources available: Contactsend subscription management system (ClientSection), Contactsend Facebook/Instagram LeadAds module.

Version: v 1.4 (2017/04/04)

  • Matching policy: case sentiveness may be set according to specific needs.
  • Automation (webhook, email): customer data can now be used

Version: v 1.3 (2017/03/21)

  • Synchronize ecommerce event with Contactplan

Version: v 1.2 (2017/03/08)

  • Added parameters of google analytics tracking in the event collection
  • Added events data model in the event collection

Version: v 1.1 (2017/02/17)

  • Added mobile device structure in the customer properties base

Version: v 1.0 (2017/02/14)

  • Hello Contacthub!