Contactsend Changelog

Service Data Protction Version 1.1.1 [Released 2018-08-03]

  • Main Release

    • API optimization for the GDPR right to be forgotten. The number of custOmers per node has been increased

Version 5.14.1 [Released 2018-07-31]

  • Main Releases

    • “Campaign Effectivness” section removal from Send  

Service Data Protction Version 1.1.0 [Released 2018-07-27]

  • Bug Fix:

    • GDPR right to be forgotten: preview removal optimization
    • GDPR right to be forgotten: API performance optimization

Version 5.14.0 [Released 2018-07-27]

  • Main Releases

    • GDPR: availability in the UI of the “Access/Portability rught” functionality 
    • GDPR: optimization in the preview and API right to be forgotten righ
  • Bug Fix:

    • GDPR right to be forgotten: preview removal optimization
    • GDPR right to be forgotten: API performance optimization
    • The error in links containing “$” element has been corrected

Service Data Protction Version 1.0.7 [Released 2018-07-17]

  • Bug Fix:

    • GDPR right to be forgotten: the problem that cuased the cancelation of customers from possible under-companies without specific request has been solved

Pagebuilder Version 1.8.6 [Released 2018-07-11]

  • Bug Fix:

    • Removal of unwanted line splitting in css sections that caused broken content rendering on mobile

Service Data Protction Version 1.0.6 [Released 2018-07-05]

  • Main Releases

    • Query optimization for events data removal (Legacy scenario)

Version 5.13.2 [Released 2018-06-29]

  • Main Releases

    • Creation of a new field in the Analyse section, called User Management. Here you can access the usual “User statistics” and you can find a new section, “User Data Management”. The last one is accessible only for those who have a DPO role, to remove data of users and it will include, step by step, other new functionalities.

Service Data Protction Version 1.0.2 [Released 2018-06-21]

  • Bug Fixes

    • GDPR, Right to Be Forgotten
    • Base filter analysis correction
    • Smartrelay, triggered and Immediate deliveries : specialized erasure management

Version 5.13.0 [Released 2018-06-21]

  • Main Releases

    • Cathegory change of the news acquired by Accountcentral

Pagebuilder Version 1.8.5 [Released 2018-06-11]

  • Bug Fix:

    • Correct rendering of templates containing lines with more than 400 chars and html formatting elements followed by a puntuation character

Version 5.12.1 [Released 2018-06-08]

  • Main Releases

    • Informational message of (no longer used) “MyContactlab/Calendar” section removal

Service Data Protction Version 1.0.0 [Released 2018-06-08]

  • Main Releases

    • support of massive “Right to be forgotten” functionality

Version 5.12.0 [Released 2018-05-28]

  • Minor Releases

    • Improvment in the “deliveries that use this filter” section in the filter information page

Version 5.11.1 [Released 2018-04-13]

  • Minor Releases

    • Added Albanian language to unsubscribe systems

Version 5.11.00 [Released 2018-04-04]

  • Bug Fixes

    • Contactsend : AC news recovery
    • Security Improvement
    • Facebook Integration : re-authorize improvement

Version 5.10.11 [Released 2018-03-02]

  • Bug Fixes

    • Behavioural analysis : avoided timeout in case of large number of deliveries
    • Draft count visualization error correction
    • Send Immediate, case of delivery_id not existent : error notification imnprovement
    • Contactsend UI : Avoided space insertion after sender domain for deliverability improving
    • Send Immediate, analyse section. Visualization error correction (Opened emails)

Version 5.10.9 [Released 2018-02-06]

  • Bug Fixes

    • Avoided space insertion after sender domain for deliverability improving
    • SQL query limitation to 65k for filter handling
    • Instant preview: Added body modification handling in case of Html Editor and Pagebuilder use

Version 5.10.7 [Released 2018-01-24]

  • Bug Fixes

    • Email Instant preview bug fix (Communicate Section - “Ready” delivery modification and “Recurring” delivery copy)

Version 5.10.5 [Released 2017-11-28]

  • Bug Fixes

    • “Email On Acid” Instant preview: handled empty subject line
    • Avoided “fatal error” in triggered/immediate delivery creation in case of error messages from Instant preview functionality
    • A/B Test delivery creation prevention when email body and altbody are both null

Version 5.10.3 [Released 2017-11-16]

  • Litmus removal info + bugfix

    • Added info messages of Litmus preview removal within 31/12/2017
    • Permanent blacklist visualization bug fix

Version 5.10.2 [Released 2017-11-10]

  • Minor Adjustments

    • Upgrade to new FB API version (2.10)
    • Removal of no more used ContactLabDNSBLCheckPlugin

Version 5.10.1 [Released 2017-11-08]

  • Bug Fixes

    • Subscription field removal inhibition in case of multiple subscriptions association
    • Timezone adjustment in “File Operations”
    • Delivery list download fix

Version 5.10 [Released 2017-10-30]

  • Minor Releases

    • Admin enabling for “read only” userDb setting removal.
    • Delivery creation blocked in case of not valid Join criteria (MLR_TA_USERDB.DEFAULT_JOIN_TABLES).

Pagebuilder Version 1.8.2 [Released 2017-10-24]

  • New PageBuilder ‘Smarteditor’

  • Main features:

    • Drop-down menu to select the dimensions in pixels.
    • Line spacing is calculated automatically, according to the dimensions of the text.
    • Drop-down menu consisting of a font family list.
    • Editor background color is the same as the selected element background.
  • Improved interface when creating new pages (new folder structure):

    • Template selection has been removed when there are no folders.
    • Message that invites the user to select a destination template or folder, if any exist.

Version 5.9.0 [Released 2017-10-02]

  • Bug Fixes + Fax Removal

    • 1266 FAX removed
    • 2454 Analyse > Delivery immediate message > Radar: Detailed management of emails temporarily added to the blacklist

Version 5.8.1 [Released 2017-09-21]

  • Bug Fixes + Improvements

    • 2451 Campaign Archive > Opened > Geolocation: Query - Misleading results, wrong in geo section, ZendeskId=15185
    • 2480 Fix data scheduling shown in the A/B test details of a delivery modified from the old format (no timezone)

Pagebuilder Version 1.8.0 [Released 2017-09-20]

  • New features

    • Email creation and organization in work folders
    • Expand and minimize the whole structure frame
    • Templates sharing among companies that have a multi-level hierarchical structure

Version 5.8.0 [Released 2017-09-13]

  • Bug fixes and enhancements

    • Added timezone handling in A/B test deliveries
    • Fixed timezone handling when different from Europe/Rome (Communicate section)

Version 5.7.6 [Released 2017-08-31]

  • Bug Fix + Improvements

    • Admin check removed in user deletion from blacklist
    • Unused ContactLabCustomQualifierSortingPlugin deleted
    • String correction in Analyse/Campaign Archive/Summary

Version 5.7.0 [Released 2017-07-26]

  • New feature + Bug Fix

    • New Feature : Email Instant Preview
    • Minor bug fix : Parameter settings correction during delivery resume

Version 5.6.2 [Released 2017-06-29]

  • Bug fixes and enhancements

    • FB Leads ads subscription propagation towards Contachub
    • FB Lead ads mapping creation inhibition for userdb with not autoincremental keys
    • Double click disabled on FB authorization saving
    • Syntactics checks optimization in userdb creation from xls
    • Internal errors handling procedure optimization
    • Inserted FB mapping deletion functionality

Version 5.6.1 [Released 2017-06-12]

  • Bug fixes

    • Link tracking handling improvement
    • Chat management improvement (expired session)

Version 5.6.0 [Released 2017-06-07)

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

    • Visualization improvement of whitelisted users
    • Chat availability in Contactsend

Version 5.5.1 [Released 2017-04-05]

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

    • Link tracking handling corrections
    • Norecordscount Plugin Enhancement
    • Blacklisted users provided also to not admin

Version 5.5.0 [Released 2017-03-30]

  • Campaigns Effectiveness and Recipients behavior report

    • New Report showing main delivery metrics, recipients behavior, Pressure Index and Email Engagement Index

Version 5.4.10 [Released 2017-03-21]

  • Report Enhancements

    • Delivery List Report : Inserted new “Delivery Title” field

Version 5.4.9 [Released 2017-03-07]

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

    • Pagebuilder : empty page with IE11 (Ref. #2875)

Version 5.4.4 [Released 2017-02-13]

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

    • “A/B test” - preliminary sending for correctness checking

Version 5.3.6 [Released 2016-12-05]

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

    • Campaign archive search improvement
    • Inbox Placement data visualization optimization

Version 5.3.0 [Released 2016-10-27]

  • Inbox placement assessment: Return Path’s ‘Inbox Monitor’ data integration

    • Return Path Inbox Rate, Spam Rate, Missing Rate and Issues visualization for monitored deliveries
    • Inbox placement aggregation by major ISP (Microsoft, Gmail, Yahoo!, domains)

  • CAPTCHA insertion in subscription forms

    • Captcha insertion capability in Contactsend subscription forms to avoid listbombing

Version 5.2.1 [Released 2016-09-27]

  • Multilingual support

    • Translation improvement/bug fixes

Version 5.2.0 [Released 2016-09-07]

  • Send Immediate for the Facebook Lead Ads

    • Opportunity to activate a triggered welcome messagge when a lead is created and if a valid email address is available

Version 5.1.0 [Released 2016-08-04]

  • Facebook Custom Audience Synchronisation

    • Uploads that populate Custom Audiences automatically and in an incremental way

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

    • Centralized control and configuration for integration with Facebook in a single panel

Version 5.0.1 [Released 2016-07-27]

  • Notable Changes

    • The Contactlab platform has a new name: welcome Contactsend!

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

    • Several fixes and enhancements