Version 2.6.3 [Released 2017-03-08]

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

    • XMLD generic error : Log enrichment for customer autonomy enhancing

Version 2.6.2 [Released 2016-10-20]

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

    • refs #1132: Better handling of exception in case of failure on file removal

Version 2.6.1 [Released 2016-05-11]

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

    • refs #1902: Test delivery is not created when recipients are specified both with new_recipients and with test_recipients nodes
    • refs #1946: New tags (label and report_recipient) now correctly works

Version 2.6.0 [Released 2016-05-04]

  • Significant changes

    • Added label tag in order to specify the delivery name
    • Added report_recipients tag in order to overwrite or append the email report recipients list
  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

    • refs #1872: Schedule report doesn’t work with filter mode of recipients section

Version 2.5.0 [Released 2016-04-20]

  • Significant changes

    • New schedule report section added
    • New push template