Contactplan: new release 1.4

Version 1.4

The main new features in this release are:

  • “Send to FTP” Consumer: Now you can select field separator (comma, semi-colon…) and field enclosures (single quote, double quote….) to be used in the csv file generated by a plan and saved on the external FTP server.
  • Enhanced data loading process: Further enhancements in data loading process to reduce spare time and speed up the whole loading process.
  • UI Settings: Input types for segments creation can now be set from Setting > Field Setting. This allows users to choose most suitable input type among the ones available for each field (checkbox, multi-options, auto-complete…).
  • Contacthub integration: ECommerce events saved into Contacthub are now automatically available in Contactplan for behavioral segmentation.
  • Improvements: Performance has been improved, with particular attention to management of several plans scheduled for the same target date and hour.

See the changelog here.

Contactsend: new release 5.4.9
Contacthub: new release 1.2