Contactplan: new release 1.5

Version 1.5

  • [HUB INTEGRATION] Retails events loaded in Contacthub are now available in Contactplan for segmentation. Retail events are, e.g., having invited customer to catwalk or cocktail or other show; customers have accepted or declined invitation; customers showed up at the event and so on.
  • [UI and API] new Top / Least N query available. This query type allows to get the Top or Least N contacts (where N is freely configurable) according a predefined metrics. First released metric is overall spending level
  • [UI] Introduced paginated lists for plans and segments. you can select how many elements are shown per single page
  • [PLUGIN] Primary key composed by multiple fields can now be configured for orders and order_lines external files
  • [PLUGIN] New log generated after ingestion with information about lines rejected because duplicated

See the changelog here.

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