Contactplan: new release 1.7.2

Version 1.7.2

The main new features in this release are:

  • [UI] Notifications of the segment rules changes: when you create or modify a rule in a segment, a green alert shows the new enhanced conditions.
  • [UI] Upload Feedbacks. In Logs section, it is available the result of personal data and events upload.
  • [CONTACTHUB INTEGRATION] Arrangement Web Browsing events integration from Contacthub. Events will effectively be available after the implementation in Contacthub of the export towards Contactplan.

Bug fixes and Enhancements are:

  • [UI] In the Dashboards, the diagrams are uploaded separately as soon as data are available, reducing the imaging time needed
  • [API] Zendesk 14776 ticket resolution about the incorrect upload of the events “sent email” when the email is in a “not final” state
  • [UI] Support for opaque token authentication
  • [UI] Visualization in alphabetical order of the lists in the pull-down menu related to the segment choice
  • [API] Metadata update for the new field introduced in Contacthub in the bought event and Product description

See the changelog here

Contacthub: new release 1.11
Contactsend PageBuilder: new release 1.8.0