Email delivery working example

The following example shows how to create an XML instructions file for an Email delivery using a zipped CSV file to add new recipients.

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    <?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-8?>
    <contactlab xmlns:xsi=
                    <retry />
    <!– The test filter is used below with email rendering enabled.
    The normal filter cannot be applied because new recipients have been added. –>
                    <filter><test rendering=true>1</test></filter>
    <!– The manual delivery method prepares the delivery but doesn’t send it.
    Use the Web UI to complete the delivery. –>
                <delivery method=manual>
                    <remove_duplicates />
                            <name>John Doe</name>
                    <publish_on_web ovveridetaf=true>
                                <embed><![CDATA[body (html <a track=”yes”

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