Link-Processor Version 1.0.4-400 [Released 2019-05-30]

  • Bug Fixes
    • Links
    • Wizard rewamp

Version 6.6.9 [Released 2019-05-30]

  • Bugs Fixes
    • Email Designer
    • Wizard Rewamp

Version 6.6.8 [Released 2019-05-23]

  • Bugs Fixes
    • Wizard-API
    • Virtual groups

Version 6.6.7 [Released 2019-05-08]

  • Bugs Fixes
    • Virtual Group

Send API-SOAP Version 2.21.2 [Released 2019-05-08]

  • Bugs Fixes
  • SMS immediate

ClientSection Version 3.5.1 [Released 2019-04-29]

  • Main Releases
  • mail Clientsection

Link-Processor Version 1.0.2-396 [Released 2019-04-29]

  • Bug Fixes
    • Link Tracking

Service Data Protection Version 1.8.1 [Released 2019-04-29]

  • Bug Fixes
    • DeliveryEventsModule
    • Job

Version 6.6.6 [Released 2019-04-23]

  • Main Releases
    • Email Designer UI
    • SMS userdb
  • Bug Fixes
    • Logging

Send Wizard-API Version 1.3.3 [Released 2019-04-23]

  • Bug Fixes
    • Wizard revamp

Send API Version 1.4.1 [Released 2019-04-23]

  • Bug Fixes
    • Email Designer
    • Wizard revamp

Version 6.6.5 [Released 2019-04-10]

  • Bug Fixes
    • Email Designer

File Storage Processor Version 0.9 [Released 2019-04-08]

  • Bug Fixes
    • File types not allowed managed in Email Designer

Version 6.6.4 [Released 2019-04-02]

  • Main Releases
    • User management in Email Designer
  • Bux Fixes
    • Delivery changes
    • SMS  and dynamic fields
    • Wizard revamp

Send API Version 1.4.0 [Released 2019-04-02]

  • Main Releases
    • User management in Email Designer
  • Bux Fixes
    • Query
    • Wizard revamp

Version 6.1.0 [Released 2018-11-15]

  • Main Releases
    • SMS: full support to concatenated SMS. Customers who use the SMS channel are able, through the Send UI, to type text messages that exceed the single 160 characters limit, automatically generating concatenated chunks.
    • Full support to https URLs in email messages.

Version 5.17.0 [Released 2018-09-25]

  • Main Releases
    • GDPR : Introduced the search function of a recipient in planned deliveries and possibility of removal by the owner, in case of changes in personal data or exercise by the Interested party of the right of opposition, limitation or revocation of consent
    • For every Facebook Custom Audience the “Data Source” is displayed and, in case of absence, the missing information is explicitly shown, to allow customers to set it up for the deadline 1 October 2018, deadline for the setting
    • Introduced possibility from UI to unblock all deliveries in timeout (for example for failed dataexchange)

SmartRelay Version 3.12.2 [Released 2018-09-12]

  • Bug Fixes
    • The international prefix “+/00” has been maintained in SendImmediate for report adjustment

Service Data Protection Version 1.2.4 [Released 2018-09-06]

  • Bug Fixes
    • GDPR full platform: error removal in case of right to be forgotten request if there are Userdb connected with Hub and recipients without both the medium highighted (phone and email)
    • GDPR Legacy scenario / Only Send use: UI error removal in case of right to be forgotten execution

Version 5.16.1 [Released 2018-08-28]

  • Main Releases
    • GDPR: performances optimizations in case of right to be forgotten request
  • Bug Fixes
    • Added log + fix in delete deliveries

Service Data Protection Version 1.1.1 [Released 2018-08-06]

  • Main Releases
    • GDPR: API optimizations for the right to be forgotten management

Service Data Protection Version 1.1.1 [Released 2018-08-03]

  • Main Releases
    • API optimization for the GDPR right to be forgotten. The number of custOmers per node has been increased

Version 5.14.1 [Released 2018-07-31]

  • Main Releases
    • “Campaign Effectivness” section removal from Send

Service Data Protection Version 1.1.0 [Released 2018-07-27]

  • Bux Fixes
    • GDPR right to be forgotten: preview removal optimization
    • GDPR right to be forgotten: API performance optimization

Version 5.14.0 [Released 2018-07-27]

  • Main Releases
    • GDPR: availability in the UI of the “Access/Portability rught” functionality
    • GDPR: optimization in the preview and API right to be forgotten righ
  • Bug Fixes
    • GDPR right to be forgotten: preview removal optimization
    • GDPR right to be forgotten: API performance optimization
    • The error in links containing “$” element has been corrected

Service Data Protection Version 1.0.7 [Released 2018-07-17]

  • Bux Fixes
    • GDPR right to be forgotten: the problem that cuased the cancelation of customers from possible under-companies without specific request has been solved

Pagebuilder Version 1.8.6 [Released 2018-07-11]

  • Bux Fixes
    • Removal of unwanted line splitting in css sections that caused broken content rendering on mobile

Service Data Protection Version 1.0.6 [Released 2018-07-05]

  • Main Releases
    • Query optimization for events data removal (Legacy scenario)

Version 5.13.2 [Released 2018-06-29]

  • Main Releases
    • Creation of a new field in the Analyse section, called User Management. Here you can access the usual “User statistics” and you can find a new section, “User Data Management”. The last one is accessible only for those who have a DPO role, to remove data of users and it will include, step by step, other new functionalities.

Service Data Protection Version 1.0.2 [Released 2018-06-21]

  • Bug Fixes
    • GDPR, Right to Be Forgotten
    • Base filter analysis correction
    • Smartrelay, triggered and Immediate deliveries : specialized erasure management

Version 5.13.0 [Released 2018-06-21]

  • Main Releases
    • Category change of the news acquired by Accountcentral

Pagebuilder Version 1.8.5 [Released 2018-06-11]

  • Bux Fixes
    • Correct rendering of templates containing lines with more than 400 chars and html formatting elements followed by a puntuation character

Version 5.12.1 [Released 2018-06-08]

  • Main Releases
    • Informational message of (no longer used) “MyContactlab/Calendar” section removal

Service Data Protection Version 1.0.0 [Released 2018-06-08]

  • Main Releases
    • support of massive “Right to be forgotten” functionality

Version 5.12.0 [Released 2018-05-28]

  • Minor Releases
    • Improvement in the “deliveries that use this filter” section in the filter information page

Version 5.11.1 [Released 2018-04-13]

  • Minor Releases
    • Added Albanian language to unsubscribe systems

Version 5.11.00 [Released 2018-04-04]

  • Bug Fixes
    • Contactsend : AC news recovery
    • Security Improvement
    • Facebook Integration : re-authorize improvement

Version 5.10.11 [Released 2018-03-02]

  • Bug Fixes
    • Behavioural analysis : avoided timeout in case of large number of deliveries
    • Draft count visualization error correction
    • Send Immediate, case of delivery_id not existent : error notification imnprovement
    • Contactsend UI : Avoided space insertion after sender domain for deliverability improving
    • Send Immediate, analyse section. Visualization error correction (Opened emails)

Version 5.10.9 [Released 2018-02-06]

  • Bug Fixes
    • Avoided space insertion after sender domain for deliverability improving
    • SQL query limitation to 65k for filter handling
    • Instant preview: Added body modification handling in case of Html Editor and Pagebuilder use

Version 5.10.7 [Released 2018-01-24]

  • Bug Fixes
    • Email Instant preview bug fix (Communicate Section – “Ready” delivery modification and “Recurring” delivery copy)

Version 5.10.5 [Released 2017-11-28]

  • Bug Fixes
    • “Email On Acid” Instant preview: handled empty subject line
    • Avoided “fatal error” in triggered/immediate delivery creation in case of error messages from Instant preview functionality
    • A/B Test delivery creation prevention when email body and altbody are both null

Version 5.10.3 [Released 2017-11-16]

  • Litmus removal info + bugfix
    • Added info messages of Litmus preview removal within 31/12/2017
    • Permanent blacklist visualization bug fix

Version 5.10.2 [Released 2017-11-10]

  • Minor Adjustments
    • Upgrade to new FB API version (2.10)
    • Removal of no more used ContactLabDNSBLCheckPlugin

Version 5.10.1 [Released 2017-11-08]

  • Bug Fixes
    • Subscription field removal inhibition in case of multiple subscriptions association
    • Timezone adjustment in “File Operations”
    • Delivery list download fix

Version 5.10 [Released 2017-10-30]

  • Minor Releases
    • Admin enabling for “read only” userDb setting removal.
    • Delivery creation blocked in case of not valid Join criteria (MLR_TA_USERDB.DEFAULT_JOIN_TABLES).

Pagebuilder Version 1.8.2 [Released 2017-10-24]

  • New PageBuilder ‘Smarteditor’
  • Main features:
    • Drop-down menu to select the dimensions in pixels.
    • Line spacing is calculated automatically, according to the dimensions of the text.
    • Drop-down menu consisting of a font family list.
    • Editor background color is the same as the selected element background.
  • Improved interface when creating new pages (new folder structure):
    • Template selection has been removed when there are no folders.
    • Message that invites the user to select a destination template or folder, if any exist.

Version 5.9.0 [Released 2017-10-02]

  • Bug Fixes + Fax Removal
    • 1266 FAX removed
    • 2454 Analyse > Delivery immediate message > Radar: Detailed management of emails temporarily added to the blacklist

Version 5.8.1 [Released 2017-09-21]

  • Bug Fixes + Improvements
    • 2451 Campaign Archive > Opened > Geolocation: Query – Misleading results, wrong in geo section, ZendeskId=15185
    • 2480 Fix data scheduling shown in the A/B test details of a delivery modified from the old format (no timezone)

Pagebuilder Version 1.8.0 [Released 2017-09-20]

  • New features
    • Email creation and organization in work folders
    • Expand and minimize the whole structure frame
    • Templates sharing among companies that have a multi-level hierarchical structure

Version 5.8.0 [Released 2017-09-13]

  • Bug fixes and enhancements
    • Added timezone handling in A/B test deliveries
    • Fixed timezone handling when different from Europe/Rome (Communicate section)

Version 5.7.6 [Released 2017-08-31]

  • Bug Fix + Improvements
    • Admin check removed in user deletion from blacklist
    • Unused ContactLabCustomQualifierSortingPlugin deleted
    • String correction in Analyse/Campaign Archive/Summary

Version 5.7.0 [Released 2017-07-26]

  • New feature + Bug Fix
    • New Feature : Email Instant Preview
    • Minor bug fix : Parameter settings correction during delivery resume

Version 5.6.2 [Released 2017-06-29]

  • Bug fixes and enhancements
    • FB Leads ads subscription propagation towards Contachub
    • FB Lead ads mapping creation inhibition for userdb with not autoincremental keys
    • Double click disabled on FB authorization saving
    • Syntactics checks optimization in userdb creation from xls
    • Internal errors handling procedure optimization
    • Inserted FB mapping deletion functionality

Version 5.6.1 [Released 2017-06-12]

  • Bug fixes
    • Link tracking handling improvement
    • Chat management improvement (expired session)

Version 5.6.0 [Released 2017-06-07)

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements
    • Visualization improvement of whitelisted users
    • Chat availability in Contactsend

Version 5.5.1 [Released 2017-04-05]

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements
    • Link tracking handling corrections
    • Norecordscount Plugin Enhancement
    • Blacklisted users provided also to not admin

Version 5.5.0 [Released 2017-03-30]

  • Campaigns Effectiveness and Recipients behavior report
    • New Report showing main delivery metrics, recipients behavior, Pressure Index and Email Engagement Index

Version 5.4.10 [Released 2017-03-21]

  • Report Enhancements
    • Delivery List Report : Inserted new “Delivery Title” field

Version 5.4.9 [Released 2017-03-07]

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements
    • Pagebuilder : empty page with IE11 (Ref. #2875)

Version 5.4.4 [Released 2017-02-13]

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements
    • “A/B test” – preliminary sending for correctness checking

Version 5.3.6 [Released 2016-12-05]

  • Bug fixes and Enhancements
    • Campaign archive search improvement
    • Inbox Placement data visualization optimization

Version 5.3.0 [Released 2016-10-27]

  • Inbox placement assessment: Return Path’s ‘Inbox Monitor’ data integration
    • Return Path Inbox Rate, Spam Rate, Missing Rate and Issues visualization for monitored deliveries
    • Inbox placement aggregation by major ISP (Microsoft, Gmail, Yahoo!, domains)
  • CAPTCHA insertion in subscription forms
    • Captcha insertion capability in Contactsend subscription forms to avoid listbombing

Version 5.2.1 [Released 2016-09-27]

  • Multilingual support
    • Translation improvement/bug fixes

Version 5.2.0 [Released 2016-09-07]

  • Send Immediate for the Facebook Lead Ads
    • Opportunity to activate a triggered welcome messagge when a lead is created and if a valid email address is available

Version 5.1.0 [Released 2016-08-04]

  • Facebook Custom Audience Synchronisation
    • Uploads that populate Custom Audiences automatically and in an incremental way
  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

Version 5.0.1 [Released 2016-07-27]

  • Notable Changes
    • The Contactlab platform has a new name: welcome Contactsend!
  • Bug fixes and Enhancements
    • Several fixes and enhancements