Feedback loop events management

A very important factor in building your reputation is your complaint rate, which is the ratio of total messages over the number of spam/abuse complaints. This is measured by each mail service provider (MSP).

Some of the major MSPs offer a feedback loop feed (FBL feed) to qualifying professional senders. This delivers a message to the sender whenever one of the MSP users clicks the This is spam button.

Because this kind of agreement requires extensive qualification checks by the MSP before it is set up, they are not usually available to non-specialized senders. The MSPs carry out these checks to avoid providing spammers with information about their users. Contactlab has FBL feed agreements with all MSPs that offer this kind of facility. We also watch for new feeds becoming available, so we can apply and be authorized as soon as possible.

SmartRelay and feedback loop feeds

Because SmartRelay uses Contactsend to send your messages, FBL feeds for all relevant MSPs are automatically available to you.


The set up of FBL feeds for some MSPs may initially require your involvement.

The feeds are managed by the same FBL handling subsystem that is used every day for our main platform mailings and, whenever a new FBL feed becomes available, you automatically benefit from it, without needing to ask.

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