Contactsend SOAP API

Reference Manual


Contactsend provides a comprehensive API that uses SOAP over HTTP calls. This reference manual describes all of the available Contactsend SOAP API services and elements and also gives useful tips about using the API.

Using the API

All Contactsend SOAP API services are available from the Soap website:

Note: is omitted from descriptions of the namespaces for services and elements in the rest of this manual.

This document uses standard namespace abbreviations as defined in:

What you need

When the API service is activated for your company, you are given two alphanumeric tokens:

  • An apiKey
    • A unique key for your company account on Contactsend
  • A userKey
    • A unique authorized user profile key

These two tokens combined, define the services that are available to you and authorize their use. In addition to the apiKey and an appropriate userKey, you also need to have the public IP address of your server pre-authorized before you can use any service.

You can get tokens and IP authorizations from your usual contact at Contactlab, such as your project manager, account manager or Contactlab customer care.


Any attempt to carry out unauthorized operations results in an exception.


To get the most out of Contactsend, you should spend some time analyzing your application needs. This will enable us create a user profile with authorization levels that take into account need-to-know/need-to-use security principles and data protection best practices.

Using services

Almost every operation that you carry out requires an authorization token, which must be obtained at the beginning of each session. See AuthToken and Authentication elements for more details.

The token is re-usable for subsequent API calls during the session.


For security reasons, the token should be invalidated as soon as it is no longer required. Idle tokens are automatically invalidated after 15 minutes. See invalidateToken for more details.

API data models, services, attributes and methods: