sendImmediateMessageSDataCData (deprecated)

Sends a single, one-shot message using the template associated with the IMMEDIATE campaign selected by the campaign identifier/alias, passed by the campaign object and overriding the default template associated with the existing campaign.

  • Subscriber data must be sent by the requester and is used to parse the message model associated with the delivery
  • Currently, only the EMAIL channel is allowed for this operation
 Input  Type  Description
 apiKey  xs:string  Alphanumeric hash identifying a Contactsend customer.
 userKey  xs:string  Alphanumeric hash identifying a Contactsend user.
 userData  Subscriber  Subscriber custom data. IMPORTANT: The subscriber MUST include the RECIPIENT SubscriberAttribute (For example: Name=RECIPIENT,
 campaign  Campaign  Template custom data. IMPORTANT: The campaign identifier or campaign alias CANNOT be null. The message object in the campaign object must be correctly populated.