A container for subscriber-related data.

Attributes Type Description Optional Default
identifier xs:int Source unique identifier. Yes none
name xs:string Source name. No
description xs:string Source description. Yes none
subscriberIdentifierFieldName xs:string Name of the field containing the subscriber unique identifier. (Do not set if you wish Contactsend to manage the unique identifier for you.) Yes
fields SubscriberSourceField[] Subscriber source attribute fields. No
charset Charset Subscriber data character set. Used as the DEFAULT campaign charset if none has been set for the message. Yes ISO_8859_15
locked xs:boolean userDB unavailability flag. Yes false
readOnly xs:boolean Write prevention flag. Yes false


Assigning subscriber unique identifiers

To assign unique identifiers, set the subscriberIdentifierFieldName attribute for each subscriber, according to the following rules:

  • Subscriber identifier values must be positive (>0) integers
  • A subscriber unique identifier must be provided each time you add a new subscriber
  • The subscriberIdentifierFieldName field must NOT be included in an entry under fields – always use the specific attribute instead

Using a custom .NET client

If you generated your own .NET client from our WSDL, make sure that the charset property has no default value; otherwise the client would avoid sending the charset field letting the server user its own default, that may be different from the one you chose.