Publishes static content to the Contactsend public repository.

publishOnWeb enables you to:

  • Provide linked content to use, for example, with Tell-A-Friend activities
  • Generate online version-related results by URL
  • Create a static, non-modifiable archive of sent messages

If the overwrite flag is set to false and you attempt to write content with the same name to the Contactlab public repository, an error is returned.

Input Type Description
token AuthToken Authorization token.
campaignIdentifier xs:int Campaign identifier.
testCampaignIdentifier xs:int TEST Campaign identifier.
fileName xs:string File name for the uploaded resource.
content xs:base64Binary Binary content of the uploaded resource.
overwrite xs:boolean Overwrite an existing resource, or generate the next ordinal-based file name.

Output Type Description
xs:string The URL where the uploaded resource has been published.