Send immediate options container.

Attributes Type Description Optional Default
ccRecipients string[] List of CC recipients (total number of CC and BCC recipients is limited to 29). Yes
bccRecipients string[] List of BCC recipients (total number of CC and BCC recipients is limited to 29). Yes
includeDefaultAttachments xs:boolean Include/exclude default campaign attachments when sending the immediate message. Yes true
customAttachments Attachment[] The attachments to use in the delivery campaign attachments Yes
useUserPk boolean It allows to use the dinamyc field ${USER_PK}$ in order to be used by the Contactlab statistical tools yes false

ccRecipients and bccRecipients:

Also if the immediate deliveries have a unique recipient, it is possible send a copy to some other recipients (usually in order to check the correctness); the recipient in ccRecipients are visible to the main recipient while the recipients into bccRecipients are not.


ccRecipients = [“”, “”] bccRecipients = [“”]

then the email, in addition to the recipient, will be sent to “”, “”, “” but the recipient will see only (usually in a field named CC) “”, “” while he never know that the email is sent also to “”

customAttachments and includeDefaultAttachments:

Usually the attachments sent in a delivery are retrieved by two sources: the customAttachments list and the commons attachments of the campaign.
Sometime you want send only a the customAttachments and ignore the commons attachments. If this is the case, you have to set includeDefaultAttachments to false


This field matters only if you use the three methods sendImmediateByCampaignIdToSubscriber, sendImmediateByCampaignToSubscriber and sendImmediateByCampaignAliasToSubscriber. Usually these three methods are used to send an immediate delivery to a recipient not available in a recipient source. For this reason the contactlab statistical tools are can’t track it and so they generate useless reports. In order to allowing to generate useful reports, you have to set useUserPk to true and add into SubscriberAttribute the key