DataExchange operations

A campaign can have thousands or even millions of recipients. It is NOT advisable to add a substantial number of subscribers at the same time using addSubscriber or addSubscribers, because of both the bandwidth required (SOAP overhead) and the time it will take to complete the operation.

We recommend that you set up up a DataExchange whenever you need to add more than approximately 500 records at a time. While this is not an automatically applied limit, you will find that using a DataExchange is much more efficient when managing data sets of this size or larger.

A DataExchange configuration must be set up manually by Contactlab customer care. But once it is set up, it can be used with the API. When it is available, you can find the DataExchange configuration identifier in the Contactsend UI, through Configure > DataExchange.

Please contact your project manager, account manager or Contactlab customer care to enable us to manage your DataExchange configuration needs effectively.

Available elements

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