Creating, sending and canceling campaigns

To send a new campaign, you first need to create a new campaign object.

Transactional e-mails and single-subscriber campaigns

If you want to send transactional e-mails, or a single-subscriber campaign, you should either:

Immediate operation elements, especially Immediate operation elements V2, are the preferred approach. This is because externally triggerable campaigns have inherent scalability limitations, such as the number of campaigns that you can send in an hour, due to the overhead involved in their internal management.

If the optional alias attribute is set (see Campaign) it is assigned to the Immediate Operations campaign or Triggerable campaign that is created. The alias must be unique. If the value is already used by an existing campaign, it will be removed and reassigned to the new campaign. This allows customers to seamlessly modify their applications, by referring to an alias instead of unique identifiers.

Repeating a campaign

If you want to send the same campaign more than once, you can:

Available elements

Click the appropriate link for more details about the relevant element: