XMLDelivery 2 operation sub-status type enumerates the possible values of the XMLDelivery state machine in the XMLDeliveryInfo subStatus field.

Values Type Description
DELIVERY_STARTED xs:string Delivery has started.
DELIVERY_FINISHED xs:string Delivery has completed.
RECIPIENTS_ADDED xs:string Recipient chunk has been added.
RECIPIENTS_UPLOAD_STARTED xs:string New recipients upload has started.
RECIPIENTS_UPLOAD_FINISHED xs:string New recipients upload has completed.
XML_CONFIGURATION_FILE_FOUND xs:string New file that needs processing has been found.
XMLD_CONFIGURATION_ERROR xs:string There is an error in your XML file.
API_COMMUNICATION_ERROR xs:string There has been a problem with the API system.
XML_ERROR xs:string XML Validation error.
SERVER_COMMUNICATION_ERROR xs:string Communication error with the database server.
GENERIC_ERROR xs:string Non-characterized error.
DELIVERY_ID xs:string A new normal delivery has been created.
DELIVERY_ID_TEST xs:string A new test delivery has been created.
DELIVERY_CONTENT xs:string Content of the message (email and text messages only).
QUALIFIER_ID xs:string Normal delivery SubscriberFilter identifier.
QUALIFIER_TEST_ID xs:string Test SubscriberFilter identifier.
INTERNAL_ERROR xs:string There has been an XMLD System error. Contact customer care.