XMLDelivery 2 operation details.

Contactsend XMLDelivery is an optional module that allows you to manage campaigns by:

  • Encapsulating the content and recipients
  • Using a batch file transfer to initiate the operation

The API provides services to manage parts of the XMLDelivery module.

Attributes Type Description Optional Default
id xs:int Operation identifier. Yes
configurationId xs:int XMLD2 configuration identifier. Yes
configurationName xs:string XMLD2 configuration name. Yes
fileName xs:string Name of the xmld 2 file. Yes
host xs:string XMLD 2 instance identifier. Yes
status XMLDeliveryStatusType XMLD2 operation status. Yes
subStatus XMLDeliverySubStatusType Last XMLD2 operation sub-status. Yes
beginsAt xs:date Start date and time. Yes
endsAt xs:date End date and time. Yes
lastModified xs:date Last sub operation date and time. Yes