A campaign, the basic API element.

Attributes Type Description Optional Default
identifier xs:int Campaign unique identifier. Yes
name xs:string Campaign name. Yes
alias xs:string Campaign alias (used for TRIGGERED and IMMEDIATE campaigns). Must contain only letters, numbers, spaces or the ‘_’, ‘-‘, ‘:’, ‘”‘ and ‘@’ characters. Yes
message Message Campaign message. No
modifier CampaignType Campaign type. Yes NORMAL
isDeferred xs:boolean Is this a scheduled delivery? Yes none
deferredTo xs:dateTime Schedule date/time. Yes false
startDate xs:dateTime Delivery start date/time (set by the system). Yes none
endDate xs:dateTime Delivery end date/time (set by the system). Yes none
executeTestRender xs:boolean Deprecated. Yes false
parentId xs:int Parent campaign Unique identifier. Yes
roleType DeliveryRoleType Campaign role for partitioned and split/A-B test. Yes DELIVERY_ROLE_NONE
removeDuplicates xs:boolean Remove duplicate recipients before sending this campaign. Yes false
subscribersCount xs:int Count campaign recipients. Yes
status DeliveryStatus Status of Campaign. Yes