Campaign delivery status.

Values Type Description
INTERRUPTED xs:string Interrupted (final).
DEAD xs:string Not started and will never start (final).
FAILED xs:string Completed, with errors (final).
NEW xs:string About to start (transient).
READY xs:string Ready to be queued (transient).
RUNNING xs:string Running (transient).
FINISHED xs:string Completed successfully (final).
WAITING xs:string Rescheduled (transient).
ALMOST_READY xs:string In preparation, ready to be queued (transient).
PERIODIC xs:string Periodic Campaign (final).
HIDDEN xs:string Hidden (final).
TRIGGERED xs:string Triggered (final).
SPLIT_RUNNING xs:string Split Test Running (transient).
MASTER_REMOVE xs:string Master campaign removed (final).
CLOSING xs:string Closing (transient).
IMMEDIATE xs:string Immediate Message (final).
SMARTRELAY xs:string SR (final).