Returns all the filters of the requested type bound to the subscriber source.
This method extend the method findFiltersBySubscriberSource allowing to select the filter type ( normal or test or both) to get and to select how to order the result.
It is possible choose the ordering field between ‘identifier’ and ‘name’. The default one is ‘identifier’.
It is also possible choose the order mode between asceding and descending. The default one is asceding.

Input Type  Description
token AuthToken  Authorization token.
sourceId xs:int  USABLE subscriber source identifier.
filterType SubscriberSourceFilterType  The requested filter type SubscriberSourceFilterType.
sorting Sorting  The sorting field and order mode to use Sorting.
lookupPrefs LookupPreferences  Order/comparison options.


Output Type Description
SubscribersSourceFilters A group of subscriber source filters matching the search criteria.


Also the LookupPreferences object has an order mode, but it is ignored.