Primary key

You can use the following optional MIME header to define a custom primary key:

  • X-Clab-SmartRelay-PrimaryKey
  • A positive integer



This header requires the storing of recipient addresses in a user database to be configured when SmartRelay is set up, to enable it to be used. See Setting up SmartRelay for more details. Please get in touch with your usual contact at Contactlab, such as your project manager, account manager or Contactlab customer care for more information.

If primary key header is enabled, you must use X-Clab-SmartRelay-PrimaryKey whenever you want to add a recipient to your user database. Otherwise, although the message is processed, the recipient is left out of the database.

If storing of recipient addresses in a user database is configured, but the X-Clab-SmartRelay-PrimaryKey header is not enabled, SmartRelay automatically generates a primary key.


{% highlight java %}
Session session = Session.getInstance( System.getProperties(), null );
Message msg = new MimeMessage( session );
msg.setHeader( “X-Clab-SmartRelay-PrimaryKey”, “5678” );
{% endhighlight %}

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