Your reputation is YOUR reputation

SmartRelay helps you conform with best practices, and avoid falling short of the requirements that most ISPs demand of a good, reputable sender. However, some very important requirements always remain entirely your responsibility. For example:

  • Collecting e-mail addresses in a proper way

    For example, using confirmed opt-in practices.

  • Ensuring that content is perceived as relevant to your recipients
  • Ensuring that you do not use excessive communication pressure

    For example, by managing the frequency of your messages and similar.

  • Ensuring your recipients do not feel abused by your messages
  • Disclosing your privacy policies and mailing practices when offering a subscription
  • Making it easy for your recipients to identify and contact you
  • Making it easy for your recipients to understand why you are mailing them
  • Keeping track of inactive recipients and gradually stop sending to them

    To avoid, for example, triggering spam traps when a mailbox becomes inactive for a long time

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