Enabling tracking and custom domains

You can optionally use a range of special MIME headers in email messages only, to:

  • Enable or disable tracking for views, links or both, on a message by message basisHeaders are available to enable or disable view tracking and link tracking separately, or together.
  • Set a custom domain for view tracking, link tracking and/or the base URL for unsubscribe linksHeaders are available to set different custom domains for view tracking, link tracking and the base URL for unsubscribe links, or to apply the same domain to all of them.


View tracking, link tracking and custom domains must each be configured separately when SmartRelay is set up, to enable them to be used. Each Custom domain also needs to be validated before use. See Setting up SmartRelay for more details. Please get in touch with your usual contact at Contactlab, such as your project manager, account manager or Contactlab customer care for more information.

See Tracking and Custom domains for more details about these headers.

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