Managing deliveries by type and category

You can use special MIME headers for both email and SMS messages to:

  • Specify a unique identifier and label for related messages
  • Define the delivery category as TRANSACTIONAL or NEWSLETTER (a bulk or marketing delivery)

Using a unique delivery type identifier

SmartRelay allows email or SMS messages of the same type, such as those with similar content, or that are related in some other way, to be aggregated together under a single delivery type identifier. For example, you can have one delivery type identifier assigned to your welcome message, one to customer billing information, and so on.

This enables us to group analytical data together by delivery type, and provide you with the output promptly through the Web UI or a DataExporter feed. As a result, you may not need, for example, to invest time and resources in building your own reports. See the Web UI online manual for more about DataExporter.

Identifying deliveries

Each delivery type is determined by:

  • A mandatory and unique integer-based identifier
  • An optional alphanumeric label or descriptive text

You can use two headers to specify the delivery type numeric identifier and the label, which are then automatically recognized by SmartRelay.


To use the unique identifier and label headers, SmartRelay must be configured during set up to allow new deliveries to be created. See Setting up SmartRelay for more details. Please get in touch with your usual contact at Contactlab, such as your project manager, account manager or Contactlab customer care for more information.

Setting the delivery category

You can define an email or SMS delivery as TRANSACTIONAL or NEWSLETTER by applying an optional header.

See Delivery identifier, label and category for more details about each of these headers.

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