Delivery section

The <delivery> section is where you define whether the delivery is sent automatically or manually. You can also instruct XMLDelivery to:

  • Send an automatic delivery at a scheduled time
  • Remove duplicate recipient addresses at the time of sending
  • Send a Transactional delivery type
  • Request a delivery report after a given time

The <delivery> section:

The <delivery> section includes the following children:

Child Type Description Use
schedule element Specify a delivery date and time for an automatic delivery. The schedule format is yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss. Optional
remove_duplicates element Automatically removes duplicate recipient addresses. This must be activated here, if required, regardless of the default behavior of the Web UI. Optional
transactional element Sets the delivery type to transactional. The default marketing delivery type is applied, if not set. Optional
schedule_report element Sets the delivery reports parameters. Optional


To define a manual or automatic delivery use the following:

  • <delivery method="manual"></delivery>

    Prepares the delivery but doesn’t send it. Use the Communicate section of the Web UI to locate the delivery and start it manually.

  • <delivery method="auto"></delivery>

    The delivery is sent automatically:

    • If a <schedule> is created (see Example below) the delivery is sent as defined
    • If no <schedule> is created, the delivery is sent immediately


If transactional is set:

If the group or the template is the wrong type, XMLDelivery returns an error, to avoid a transactional campaign being sent by mistake.


    <delivery method="auto">
        <remove_duplicates />
    <!-- or: -->
    <delivery method="manual">
        <remove_duplicates />
    <!-- or: -->
    <delivery method="manual">
        <remove_duplicates />
        <transactional />

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