User database

When you use XMLDelivery to send a campaign, the recipients are taken from a Contactsend user database, with a delivery-specific filter applied as appropriate.


Even if you choose to add recipients dynamically using the XML instructions file, they are included in the user database and a filter, which is automatically created by XMLDelivery, is applied for delivery.

Configuring the user database

For XMLDelivery to work correctly, the database needs to be configured with an additional string type field called XML_DELIVERY_CODE.

Since the XMLDelivery configuration is not bound to a specific user database, you can set up more than one to store, for example, the recipients of different campaigns. However, all databases must have the XML_DELIVERY_CODE field.

Database size

Your user database may grow significantly over time, as new records are added. Contactlab does not delete the contents of a user database. There are ways to manage this, but please tell us in advance if you expect to add a substantial number of recipients over time.

Setting up a user database

You can ask for the user database to be created when XMLDelivery is set up. You can also set up the user database yourself using the Web UI. See the Web UI online manual for more about creating a user database.

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