Adding recipients dynamically

XMLDelivery allows you to add the recipients of a delivery dynamically, instead of selecting them from a user database. You can:

  • Add recipients directly to the XML instructions file
  • Specify the name of a CSV file

    The CSV file must be in the same directory as the XML instructions file and the Semaphore file. The CSV file must contain one line/record for each recipient.

You can add recipients, or specify the name of a CSV file in the New_recipients or Test_recipients elements, which are part of the Recipients section of the XML instructions file. The relevant data is then added to your Contactsend user database and selected as the recipients for the delivery being processed, by a Filter that XMLDelivery creates for the purpose.

A CSV file is more appropriate if the number of recipients are expected to increase. The CSV file can also be a zipped archive.

If you need more refined control over user database modifications before sending, such as record updates, deletions and similar, you should consider setting up a Contactsend DataExchange module instead, and simply refer to existing filters in XMLDelivery.


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