Contactlab section

The <contactlab> section is the main container for all the other sections and elements in the XML instructions file.

The <contactlab> section is:

  • Mandatory
  • Positioned as:
    • The first tag (<contactlab ...>) after the XML declaration
    • The last tag (</contactlab>) in the XML instructions file

The <contactlab> section includes the following children:

Child Type Description Use
auth element Container for the required authentication tokens. Mandatory
campaign element Where the generic campaign type (For example, Email, SMS, Fax or Push) is defined. Also the container for all other campaign-
sections and elements.



    <?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-8?>
    <contactlab xmlns:xsi=
            See the Auth section topic.
            See the Campaign section topic.

See Building a campaign with XMLDelivery and Working examples for more about the structure of a complete XML instructions file.

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