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Schedule Report section

Schedule Report section

In the <schedule_report> section you define the recipients and when send the delivery report :

  • Belongs to the Delivery and is optional
  • Is positioned within a delivery definition section, after the <transactional> element

The <schedule_report> section includes the following children:

Child Type Description Use
report_recipient element A single recipient At least one
delay_hour element The delay, in hours, after which send the report Hours must be included between 12 and 720


  • To use two or more recipients, add as many <report_recipient> tags as needed, with one for each recipient.

  • The recipients have to be a registered user


If there is a problem with scheduling the report (for example, a recipient is not a registered user) the delivery process continues anyway and the final report contains a note about this problem.


        <delay_hour>24</delay_hour> <!--Send the report after a day  -->

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