Email content

The <content> element is where you define the main <html> and/or <text> content for the Email.

The <content> element is:


To add content to the Email, you can:

  • Embed HTML or text
  • Enter the URI of a resource to be imported

Embedding content

Use the <embed> tag within the <content> element to enter the relevant html or text content. It is best practice to wrap the content with a CDATA section, to avoid XML syntax problems.


        <embed><![CDATA[<html><body><h1>This is html</h1></body></html>]]></embed>


        <embed><![CDATA[This is simple text]]></embed>

Using a URI


You should only use a URI to add material if you are sure of its content and source.

To add content using a URI:

Use the <uri> tag within the <content> element to enter a string that represents the URI of the resource to be imported. This may, for example, be a Web page.



If you are adding plain text content, you should ensure that the imported resource is structured accordingly.

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