The <csv_file> element is where you enter the name of a CSV file to upload, if you have decided to use this option.

The <csv_file> element is:


If you want to add several recipients to a delivery, or need a consistent list, you can add a CSV file to the same directory as the XML instructions file, and use the <csv_file> element to specify its name.

You should be aware of the following:

  • You can use separate CSV files for new and test recipients
  • The first row of the CSV file must be made up of field names, such as email, firstname, phone and similarThe field names must be selected from and match those used in the user database. However, field name matching is not case sensitive, for example, you can use Name or name.
  • The CSV file must be uploaded to the appropriate directory before the delivery is triggered by the Semaphore fileIf the CSV file is missing when the XML instructions file is being processed, the operation stops immediately.
  • XMLDelivery allows you to define a different field separator, if you do not want to use a commaThe required field separator and other parameters are defined during XMLDelivery setup. See Setting up XMLDelivery for more details.
  • The CSV file can also be a zipped archive


If you use a CSV file to add test recipients, it can contain a maximum of 30 recipients. Excess test recipients are ignored.



See Filtering and added recipients for more about how the user database is filtered to match new recipients.

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