Notes section

The <notes> section is where you define notes that are attached to the campaign metadata.

The <notes> section:

Notes are displayed as delivery-related labels in the Web UI for all campaign types. They are also exported by DataExporter, if it is configured. See the Web UI online manual for more about DataExporter.

The <notes> section includes the following children:

Child Type Description Use
note element Specify notes to be attached to your campaign metadata. Optional


To define a note, use the following:

  • <label>string</label>

    The title of the note.

  • <value>string</value>

    The content of the note.


            <value>this is my first note</value>
            <value>this is my second note</value>

Using notes as placeholder content for email deliveries

Notes can also be used to inject content into the email body, or can be displayed within the body using ERB placeholders. For example, if the email body includes the string This is <{label1}>. and the value of label1 is set to mylabel, the resulting text is This is my label..

Label placeholders have no affect on SMS body or Push notification messages.

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