The <test> element is where you enter the user database filter identifier for a test delivery, if you have decided to use this option.

The <test> element is:

  • A child of the Filter section and you can use <test>, <normal> or both
  • Positioned within the <filter> section of the XML instructions file, before the <normal> filter element, if used


You can send a test delivery before the actual one. This is used, for example, to:

  • Check rendering on different devices
  • Enable a stakeholder to review and approve the campaign

Test deliveries are always sent immediately. The manual delivery option does not apply to a test delivery. See Recipients section for more about normal and test deliveries, and Delivery section for more about delivery method options.

Anti-spam analysis

If the optional rendering attribute is set (see Example: below), it automatically triggers test delivery rendering combined with an anti-spam analysis. The resultant analysis is available in the Web UI.

Enter rendering="true", as required. The default value is "false".


To use this option, the anti-spam option must be enabled for your company account.




        <test rendering=true>rec_filt_test</test>

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