The <encoding> element is where you define the text encoding for your Email message. It is used if you want to change the default encoding value set by the Email group, which is defined by the Newsletter tag in the Common section.


If you use the template_from_campaign_id element, Any <encoding> element set here is ignored.

The <encoding> element is:


The <encoding> element must have one of the following values:

  • iso-8859-15
  • shift_jis
  • utf-8

You should not use empty tags.


You must ensure that the <encoding> element value matches that of the charset used for the delivery recipients uploaded in the user database. For example, if you wish to send iso-8859-15 encoded Email messages:

  • The <encoding> element must be set to iso-8859-15
  • The recipients must also be encoded as iso-8859-15



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