The <preferred_content> element allows you to choose the content type for your Email message, such as HTML, plain text, or both. It is used:

  • If you do not use the template_from_campaign_id element

    Both the <preferred_content> element and the Body section must be used, but the <body> section can be empty.

  • In combination with the Email group, with an empty <body> section

    For example, you can use the <preferred_content> element together with an Email group that contains both HTML and plain text, to send HTML content only.

The <preferred_content> element is:



If you choose to use the <template_from_campaign_id> element, the content information is populated from there. You should not include either a <preferred_content> element, or a <body> section in your XML instructions file.

If used, the <preferred_content> element must have one of the following values:

  • both

    Both HTML and plain text.

  • simple_text

    Plain text.

  • rich_text



If the <preferred_content> element is set to a value that is not consistent with the content of the Email group or the <body> section, XMLDelivery returns an error message. This would be the case, for example, if <preferred_content> is set to both, but the Email group or the <body> section only includes an HTML message.



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