The <retry /> tag is used to instruct XMLDelivery to retry accessing the user database, if it has been locked by another operation.

The <retry /> tag is:

  • A child of the Recipients section and is optional

    We recommend, however, that new implementations of XMLDelivery should use <retry />.

  • The first entry within the <recipients> section of the XML instructions file, if used


By default, XMLDelivery exits with an error when the target user database is locked by another operation requiring exclusive access.

Add the <retry /> tag to the XML instructions file, to instruct XMLDelivery to continue retrying, with a five seconds delay between retries. XMLDelivery then continues to retry:

  • Until the operation is successful


  • For a maximum of five hours

    If, after that time, the user database is still not available, XMLDelivery terminates the operation, with a FAILED error message.


Because XMLDelivery adds any data in the new_recipients element of the recipients section to the user database and creates the appropriate Filter, the <retry /> tag can also be used for deliveries where you have dynamically added recipients.

See Automatic retry for more details.


         <retry />

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