SMS message section

The SMS message section includes the components of an SMS message. The children of the SMS section should be included in the XML instructions file, if:

If the SMS section children are used, they are:

  • Positioned within the <message> section of the XML instructions file

The SMS section includes the following children:

 Child  Type  Description  Use
 subject  element  The subject of the message.  Mandatory. See Important below
 body  element  The content of the text message.  Use to replace default
 from  element  The sender of the message.  Use to replace default

It is best practice to wrap the content of the <body> element with a CDATA section, to avoid XML syntax problems.


XMLDelivery generally takes the default values for each of the SMS message section children from the defined SMS group. The exception is the <subject> element.


While the SMS <subject> element is optional in the XSD schema:

  • XMLDelivery requires the XML instruction file to include a <subject> for an SMS message
  • XMLDelivery returns a validation error if the <subject> element is an empty string

It is best practice to always use a unique <subject>, to be able to readily identify the delivery later.

Otherwise, use the available children if you want to change any of the default values. Do not include empty tags.


        <body><![CDATA[ text ]]></body>

See SMS delivery working example for more about creating an XML instructions file for an SMS delivery.

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