Publish on Web section

The <publish_on_web> section is where you define the parameters to publish static content to the Contactlab public repository. You can then use this material to:

  • Provide linked content

    To use, for example, with Tell-A-Friend.

  • Create an online URL

    To use, for example, for versioning.

  • Create a static, non-modifiable archive of sent newsletters

The <publish_on_web> section is:

The <publish_on_web> section includes the following children:

Child Type Description Use
ovveridetaf attribute Allows content with the same file name to be overwritten. Set to "true" to overwrite, or "false". Mandatory
taffilename element The file name to use. The default message subject, or the one defined in the Headers section is used, if no value is provided. Optional
taftemplate element Defines the URI of the content file. See Example below. The default body, or the content defined in the Body section is used, if no value is provided. Optional


    <publish_on_web ovveridetaf="true">

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