The <filter> section is a container where you define the user database filter identifiers for test and normal campaigns, if you have decided to use this method of selecting the campaign recipients. The user database is filtered accordingly, when the delivery is processed.

The <filter> section is:

  • A child of the recipients sectionYou can add recipients using the <filter> section or New_recipients.
  • Positioned after the <retry /> tag (if used) within the <recipients> section of the XML instructions fileIf no <retry /> tag is used, the <filter> section is the first entry within the <recipients> section.

The <filter> section includes the following children:

 Child  Type  Description  Use
 test  element  User database filter identifier for a test delivery.  Use <test>, <normal> or both
 normal  element  User database filter identifier for a normal delivery.  Use <normal>, <test> or both


You can:

  • Define a filter for a test delivery, a normal delivery, or both
  • Get the appropriate filter identifier from the Web UI


        <test rendering=true>2</test>

See Filtering and added recipients for more about how the user database is filtered to match new recipients.

See the Web UI online manual for more about creating and using filters.

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