The <normal> element is where you enter the user database filter identifier for the delivery, if you have decided to use this option.

The <normal> element is:

  • A child of the Filter section and you can use Use <normal>, <test> or both

  • Positioned within the <filter> section of the XML instructions file, after the <test> filter element, if used

    If no <test> element is used, the <normal> element is the first entry within the <filter> section.


If you use the New_recipients section, any <normal> filter element is ignored. The delivery is sent to the recipients listed in the Recipient element, or the appropriate CSV file. See Filtering and added recipients for more details.

0 special value

If you set the the <normal> element to the special value of zero (0), the delivery is sent to all recipients in your user database, with only the base filter applied.


We recommend that you never to use <0>, because it is potentially dangerous. If you want to send a delivery to the whole database, you should create a filter that selects all recipients. This prevents changes to the base filter affecting your deliveries. We may remove support for the <0> value in the future.



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